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Live Your Weekend to the Fullest with a Live Performance of “Under the Street Lamp”

The benefits of a high-quality concert are endless. Proven by scientists, music can make you happier, lower stress, improve overall health, and increases intelligence, learning, and memory. Beyond the scientific benefits, music is an enjoyable past-time. Sure, it is fun to listen to records, sing along to your favorite tunes in the car, or make a playlist of your favorite songs—but nothing beats a live musical performance, which is why you should check out “Under the Street Lamp,” which will take you back to the days of yore, or if you are a millennial, enhance your perspective of an earlier time. 

Inspired by the Four Seasons and backed by a 10-piece band, these four veterans of the Broadway show “Jersey Boys” deliver an evening of unforgettable classic hits from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. With the perfect balance of tender ballads and up-tempo classics, packed with the same signature harmonies and slick dance moves, these guys irresistible. Enjoy the days of Doo-wop, Motown, and old-time rock 'n' roll tunes with music from The Drifters, The Beach Boys, and The Beatles. These nostalgic songs will take you back to the days of sharkskin suits, classic cars, milkshake dates, and martini hour, or if you aren’t a baby boomer, it will allow you to experience all of the fun of these decades!

Retro never sounded so now! Please don’t hesitate to join us for an evening of fun, laughter, and music. It is a guaranteed good time for all. 

We know you love your home at Domain City Center Luxury Apartments in Lenexa, Kansas but it’s important to stay active and involved in your community. Attending this event is the perfect chance for you to journey outside your comfort zone to meet new people and seek new opportunities.

Event Date/Time: 
Saturday, May 21, 2016—8:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Carlsen Center at Johnson County Community College
12345 College Boulevard
Overland Park, Kansas 66210

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