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Innovative Decorating Ideas Using Command Hooks and Strips to Transform Your Home

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If you are looking for Lenexa apartments for rent and need creative ways to transform your space, command hooks and command strips can be your best ally. These versatile items are not only easy to install and remove without leaving damage behind but can also help you organize, personalize, and streamline your home decor effortlessly. Whether you're looking to keep things tidy or showcase your artistic flair, command hooks and strips offer endless possibilities to make your living space both functional and stylish.

Discover some innovative ways to use command hooks and strips to enhance the ambiance of your apartment home.

Command hooks in the bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and you might want to enhance the way it looks and feels depending on your mood, comfort, or personality. By using command hooks or command strips you can add some special touches to your room without much effort at all.

Use the heavy duty strips (weight appropriate to the items of course) to hang paintings, pictures, or mirrors. The heavy duty hooks can be used to hang curtain rods for your window curtains, to give you a way to frame your windows to soften the light in the room or provide privacy when you need it most. If you are a fan of led fairy lights, command hooks are great for hanging these twinkling beauties around beds to give them the amazing fairy-tale look.

Command hooks in your closet

Do we ever have enough closet space? The hooks are great to help you utilize that space and have the things you use close at hand. You can place the hooks on the inside of the closet door or the inside wall to hang robes, belts, scarves, purses, umbrellas, necklaces, or many other options to help get things off your closet floor, or make things easily accessible for when you need it.

With today's busy lifestyles, you can use the command strips or hooks to hang a "To-Do" corkboard or calendar inside your closet or on a spare wall to keep track of your busy schedule, to keep you organized, on track to face the day, and make it successful.

Command hooks in the bathroom

Maximize the space of your bathroom by using the walls or mirrors. The command hooks and strips are useful tools if you want to use an organizer for your toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, or other things for personal hygiene, yet have no counter space. You can easily attach the organizer to the wall or mirror making your items easily accessible.

No place for your robe or damp towel? Add command hooks behind the door. You can also use the command adhesive strips to hang artwork or shampoo dispensers.

Command hooks in the kitchen

You can use command hooks and strips in the kitchen to organize your utensils. If your kitchen is a small space, the walls provide a canvas for placing things that are needed regularly and it makes it easy to be accessed. Use command hooks on the cabinet door under your sink to hold a scrubby or a towel, keeping your sink area clean and those cleaning items out of sight.

Add under cabinet lighting with command strips. Whether it is the led strips you can plug into an outlet or the battery powered touch-to-activate lighting, they are great for use under the cabinet and can be easily hidden for any extra ambient light or concentrated light where you might want it.

Cabinet space is always at a premium, as is the space inside kitchen cabinets. It is great when you are able to maximize that space. Utilizing it to its full potential is a benefit any way you look at it. One way to use your command hooks to help with this is to use them on the bottom of a shelf and hang your coffee mugs from them. It then gives you room underneath for additional plates, mugs, or other items that need to be stored.

Command hooks and strips in entrance foyers

Foyers are perfect places for utilizing command strips and hooks. Why not use strips to hang your "Welcome" sign to show how neighborly you are. Pictures and Paintings can also be easily hung to make a dramatic focal point as you enter your home

The command hooks are great for hanging wreaths on entrance doors to show the spirit for each season. If you are constantly putting down your keys and forgetting where you put them, command hooks can be the solution for that too. Place them near the door and hang your keys so they will always be easily found when you need them most.

Command hooks are also great for pet leashes in the foyer. Let's face it, when Fido is ready to go out, Fido needs to go out. The last thing you need to do is put on a massive search for their leash. Hanging your pet's leash on a command hook near the foyer door makes life easier for you and your furry friend.

There are so many uses for command hooks and strips. The best part is that you don't have to worry about damaging your walls or surfaces. They have become a tool that is almost a necessity these days. These were just a few ideas, see how many more you can find once you start using them.

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