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How to Incorporate Leave No Trace Into Your Daily Life

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Have you heard of “Leave No Trace”? We aren’t talking about the critically-acclaimed movie–we’re talking about the seven principles of responsible traveling and camping.

In essence, this set of guidelines promotes environmental protection, particularly on campsites and in the wilderness. But these principles aren’t just limited to the great outdoors, they can and should be practiced anywhere, anytime.

We at Domain City Center Apartments love to do our part in environmental conservation by sharing useful resources from time to time. So in this post, we’ll help you practice Leave No Trace not only out in the woods–but also in your everyday life.

7 Leave No Trace Principles

Minimizing our negative impact on ecosystems, and even on other people, starts with ourselves. When spending time outdoors, in particular, following the principles of Leave No Trace is a great way to respect our green spaces and everything on them.

So whether you’re hiking, camping, or just walking in the park, be sure to keep these principles in mind:

  • Plan ahead and prepare - Facing the unexpected? Proper planning can provide you with better, safer solutions.
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces - Stick to the trails and place your campsite on rock, sand, or dry grass. Avoid trampling on vegetation at all costs.
  • Dispose of waste properly - Toss your trash into designated waste bins. If there aren’t any trash cans, gather up your garbage or keep it in your pocket until you find one. Also, do your “business” away from water sources and paths.
  • Leave what you find - Found an exotic-looking flower? Or a cool artifact? Taking a photo should suffice. Leave everything as you find it.
  • Minimize campfire impacts - If setting up campfires isn’t allowed, use a candle lantern and stove instead. If it is allowed, try to keep your campfire small and put it out properly once you’re done.
  • Respect wildlife - As tempting as it might be, you should never feed wild animals. View them from a distance, and don’t go near them.
  • Be considerate of other visitors - Keep the noise down. A little consideration makes all the difference.

Importance of Practicing Leave No Trace

When we talk about Leave No Trace, we often think of nature as an external element to our lives. It is, however, everywhere–be it your neighbor’s backyard or a nearby park.

And as was mentioned, the principles of Leave No Trace aren’t bound to the great outdoors. You can practice some of them at work, as you go to a friend’s house, and virtually everywhere you go.

So they aren’t only about our respect for the Earth, but also for everything on it.

  • Visiting a place of worship that’s also a tourist attraction? Do your research first about what to wear (plan ahead and prepare).
  • Walking your dog? Be sure to bring a poop bag with you, pick up your pet’s waste, and dispose of it properly. Your neighbors will surely appreciate it (dispose of waste properly).
  • Going to your friend’s apartment? Try to avoid the impulse of touching their things (leave what you find).
  • Buying new cosmetics? See if they’re responsibly made and if they involved any sort of animal testing (respect wildlife).
  • Having a small gathering at home? Lower down the volume so that your neighbors can rest easy (be considerate of others).

By incorporating these principles into your everyday life, you can foster good relationships with others and help the environment–even if you’re not camping.

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