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Are You Looking for a Musical with Cattitude? Then You Might Just Be In Luck

Named "One of the Five Best Theaters for Young Audiences" in the US by TIME magazine, the Coterie provides unique theatre experiences for families and young audiences. It is nationally recognized for its one-of-a-kind programming.

The Coterie's season is year-round and offers a Family Series and Preteen/Teen Series productions at the theatre's mainstage in Crown Center. Its "Coterie Ignites" productions are intended for teens and adults and are performed at various venues.

The Coterie’s newest production is a brand new musical adaptation of everyone’s favorite sarcastic tubby tabby, Garfield awakens to find his birthday the most important day of the year has fallen on a Monday. The horror! To make matters worse, all his friends Jon, Odie, Arlene, and even his nemesis, Nermal have completely forgotten it’s his big day. Only his beloved teddy bear, Pookie, understands his disappointment. Feeling rejected, Garfield leaves the comforts of home and strikes out to find adventure. Making it as far as the alley, Garfield soon realizes in the outside there’s no T.V., the food is garbage (literally), and animal control is always just around the corner. In the end, Garfield learns little things like, you know, the value of friendship and also that home is where the heart and the food is.

Although we provide the utmost luxury at Domain City Center Apartments in Lenexa, Kansas, we realize that you need to get out and socialize with those in your surrounding community. This event gives you the chance to do just that! Don’t hesitate to attend on Friday!

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, July 29, 2017—2:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
The Coterie Theatre
2450 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

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