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Want to Extend the Life of Your Laptop? Stop Doing These 3 Things First

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Laptops are no small investment. Even the most basic of models start at a few hundred dollars, with many popular models costing over $1,000. Yet, many of us neglect these pricey pieces of computer equipment, with many of our everyday habits contributing to the long-term decline of these devices. Fortunately, it’s easy to help prolong the life of your laptop. Simply avoid making these daily mistakes!

You accidentally cover ventilation fans with your pants or a blanket.

If you frequently place your laptop on your lap, a blanket, a pillow, or another non-flat surface, you could be accidentally damaging your computer. That’s because doing so covers the ventilation area necessary to cool down your computer’s processor, which gets hotter the more you use your device. If that vent is covered for any reason, your laptop could overheat, or dust might start to settle inside – both of which could lead to the untimely death of your computer. Try to use your device on a desk or other flat surface only.

You never turn your laptop off.

How many of us simply shut our laptop lids at the end of the day, instead of properly shutting down our computers? We may think that doing so will result in a speedier start-up process the next time, but never shutting down our computer system can prevent your device from getting the upgrades it needs. “Patches,” which are small updates designed to fix minor issues or improve software, usually don’t take effect unless you restart your computer. That means that, by never shutting down your computer, you’re denying yourself a smoother overall experience. No matter how busy you are, aim to fully shut down your laptop at least once a week.

You have too many programs set to launch at start-up.

Is your computer taking forever to startup? You might want to take a look at your program permissions. Visit your Settings tab to see which programs may be set to initiate when you log on to your computer or turn it on. Be sure to disable the bothersome programs from immediately initializing, so that you can do it yourself when the need arises. Then, sit back and enjoy a smoother start-up process!

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