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5-Step Guide to Packing Your Suitcase for One Week

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Going on a weeklong trip? You probably have almost everything ready–from your plane tickets and travel documents to finding someone who can water your plants and care for your pets.

Now that the big day’s looming, you’re about to check off that dreaded item on your to-do list: packing.

Packing for a week often leads to under-packing or overpacking. You either forget to bring the essentials or squeeze a month’s worth of clothes into your suitcase—or two.

Whichever end of the packing spectrum you’re often on, you might want to consider packing just the right amount of clothes. That way, you can enjoy your trip without any worries.

Here’s how you can efficiently pack your carry-on bag for a week:

1. Plan According to Your Destination

Nothing beats the power of planning. Before you pull out every piece of clothing from your closet, you have to create a list of what to bring.

As you prepare your pen and paper, check the weather forecast for the week of your trip as well as your itinerary. Then, note down what you’ll need to bring according to these factors.

Planning to enjoy the beach and sand? Pack two sets of swimwear and definitely don’t forget your sun protection. Or, if you’re going on a business trip with a high chance of rain, make sure you bring some business wear essentials, an umbrella, and a few different accessories, be it ties, scarves, or jewelry to change it up.

The great thing about having a list, is that you can use it when you pack to come home. It helps to ensure that you aren’t leaving anything behind.

2. Mix and Match

It’s easy to go overboard when packing for a weeklong trip. So, to resist the temptation of packing more clothes than you need, create a minimal wardrobe with different outfits that go well together.

For instance, you can bring two pairs of pants and a pair of shorts, which you can reuse a couple of times or so. Then, complement these bottoms with five or more basic-colored tops and a light jacket for colder evenings.

Another pro tip is to pick dark, wrinkle-resistant clothing, which can camouflage stains. This kind of outfit can still look neat even when it’s folded or used over and over.

3. Fold and Roll

There’s no question that the rolling method is the best way to pack your clothes. It helps save a huge amount of space while keeping your outfits free of wrinkles.

Rolling clothes is easy. You just have to lay your item of clothing flat on a surface and smooth out any wrinkles. Then, fold the sleeves toward the center and tightly roll the piece from the hem to the collar.

The process is pretty much the same with pants. You have to fold it in half, with the back pockets facing out, and roll it from the hem to the leg.

Stuffing your socks in your shoes helps to eliminate wasted space, leaving more room for other essentials. Vacuum bags and packing cubes are also great for trips. They can keep everything organized and also help with utilizing space in your luggage. Vacuum bags are great for your dirty clothes. Not only does it make it easy to keep your dirty clothes all together, but it also keeps your luggage clean and ready for your next trip. Afterall, who wants to mix their clean and dirty clothes together or disinfect their luggage after every use.

4. Keep Toiletries to a Minimum

If you’ll be staying at a hotel or a resort, you probably won’t need a bunch of bath products. But if you prefer to use your own personal care products, make sure to bring travel-friendly bottles, particularly for liquid items.

Your toiletries should take up a minimal amount of your suitcase space. So, stick to the essentials. Don’t forget to store them in a separate plastic bag in case they leak.

5. Top With Your Essentials

Done getting your clothes and toiletries packed? You can now move on to the easiest part: packing your essentials.

Some of the things you shouldn’t forget to bring on your trip are your phone, charger, medications, travel documents, water bottle, and snacks. Keep them on top of your things so that you can easily reach for them whenever you need them. Traveling by plane, train, or some other public transportation? Disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers are always a plus.

Ready, Set Enjoy

Packing doesn’t have to be the worst, and most dreaded part of your trip. And no, you don’t have to go with the old adage of “it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.” Save yourself the worry of packing your whole wardrobe, bringing extra luggage to keep up with, and having the hassle of carrying all those heavy bags. With a little research and planning, you can travel light, and spend your time and energy enjoying your trip. So, relax and enjoy your time away from home.

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