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A Timeless Story Comes to Life at the Coterie Theatre

Be sure to see the beloved children’s novel Tuck Everlasting come alive with a special theatrical production! Now performing at the Coterie Theatre, a nationally-recognized company which has garnished praise from publications like TIME Magazine, this stunning stage show promises to be a treat for audiences of all ages.

Enjoy an evening of award-winning theater with this new show that features a classic tale of secrets and the price of immortality. Tuck Everlasting follows Winnie Foster, a young girl out exploring the woods who accidentally discovers the Tuck family secret. Over a century ago, the Tucks - Ma, Pa, and their sons Miles and Jesse - drank from a forest spring. Ever since, no one in the family has aged a bit. Now they have to live separately only to reunite once every 10 years because of rising suspicions of their ageless lifespan, but meeting Winnie sweeps the whole cast off on an entertaining and thrilling adventure!

You’ll love this heartwarming play that explores the thought-provoking dilemma of this timeless story—is living outside the rules of time a blessing or a curse? Find out with this special performance at the Coterie Theatre!

At Domain City Center Apartments in Lenexa, Kansas, it is clear that we have it all, but we still feel obliged to inform you of all the events our community has scheduled. Please feel free to join in all of the fun at this event!

Event Time/Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 2018—7:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Coterie Theatre
2450 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

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